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I only got two endings but i can try again in another video

i swore this mf was south asian, not french. anyway great game!! 10/10


I really enjoyed the VA, it's very nice to listen to, even more so when speaking in French. I'm super curious to know who he is, what his name is and what he is, it is not possible that he is normal or even human, or maybe he is, I don't know.

In the end he dies without air, it gives a tremendous agony when we call him, to hear that oh god...

The game is interesting, made me very curious and also pls guys if you need help seek for it, all lives matter, you matter!!!

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the game doesn't have a virus bc i  was playing this game and the game didn't have a virus

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even on the comunity score stand -36 points, thats a lot, and  a virus could just as showend some time later yk but ye i will tryin it 


I have no idea how to play this on an iPhone


i think it can only be played on a pc

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this is 6 months late but, you should look into JoiPlay. It can emulate games like this on both iphone and android I believe - should be able to find it on the app store. The buttons will be a little small but it's better than nothing

Edit: Just realized I already said this in a previous comment not too far down, so go look at that one for more detailed instructions on downloading joiplay and such :]


Anyone know how to get all 11 endings for the director's cut?


Well..hes easy to please.

When we will get a an android version tho?!


Hi I am not the dev, but if you want to play DTTR on android, there's an app called Joiplay on the google app store that lets you play visual novel games like this one on your phone. I've been using it for a while now and have had no problems with it.

Download this game on your phone, unzip it, and then get Joiplay. You'll also need the Ren'Py plugin for Joiplay, which is also on the app store and doesn't need anything else done to it once it's on your phone.

Then you open Joiplay and tap the "+" in the bottom right. You can name it whatever, version number doesn't matter, and an icon isn't required. For the executable file, find DTTR's .exe file in your folders. after you hit "ADD" at the bottom, the icon will be on Joiplay's main menu. you can tap it and start the game :)

I hope that explanation made sense lol. Unfortunately, as the game isn't specifically configured for mobile, the buttons will be a little small. but it's something! I would also turn off the auto-update for Joiplay as some updates can cause the app to break.


he kinda fine ngl


Is there an android app form of this game?


Idk I think there won't be any :/

Hi, instead of "Don't_Take_This_Risk.exe." I have "Don'" when I click on it, nothing happens at all. Can anyone help me with that?

its weird how im not the only one who still likes dont take this risk

You actually not

im glad :)

Woow...That was SO good!! My favorite ending was "Bonne Nuit" what a nice twist ( ̄▽ ̄)


It was a nice game, I like it and the VA too! This give me chill but I enjoyed it


It's such a nice game! It was very fun collecting all the endings (:

Also! Props to the VA's! My fave was the fun & charming one, the voice acting had so much emotion in it hehe. Does Alex Blackwell have any social media or have they voice acted for other games? I wanna hear more of their voice ^u^


I love the original to pieces, the voice acting for the cool and alluring voice gives me good chills. It was a bit weird to not have that option in the abridged version, but understandable of course, and while the new VA does very well, my biased preference is the original. I wonder who the VA will be for Beauty and the War. Regardless, I love the new artwork and endings! Very well done! Can't wait for the new game. :)


fuck this game gave me chILLS and I wouldn't have the balls to do half the things I did there lmao


there was no voice choice this time round

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Hello,  Sandpixie!

I remember you! And yes, there's no voice choice this time around. The original game was made for a 48-hour game jam so I didn't have time to direct the voice actors then. For this update, I did, so  the voice actor was able to work closely with me (the director) to capture Unknown's character. 

Aside from that, there are also 2 additional endings and a few changed/added lines. Plus, updated artwork. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share what you think about the changes/additions.


what's different about this version


every time i try to download this I can't find step 7) which is the pick up one pls help

Thanks for downloading the game, Faytard!

You have to open the game first. When the game runs, you should see the main menu. "Pick Up" should be at the top of the main menu.

I've tried downloading this like 10 times and every time I do it I can never find the .exe file to open the game :/ someone pls help


Hello! I'm assuming that you're running this game on PC. You'll need to download something like 7Zip to unzip and play it. After you install that, you'll want to download this game, then right click the folder and click either "extract here" or "extract to..." and pick whatever folder you want to unzip it to. After that you should have an unzipped folder with the game inside. Let me know if you need further help!

thank you!! just figured it out :)

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When I try to open the game it asks me with what app do u want to open the file I'm very confused


I sadly can’t download the game on my phone can somebody please help me with this problem? T~T btw he looks cute and that’s why I want to download it T^T


Because of what they said, now I'm thinking for myself. ._.


Everything happened so quickly, I don't know how to react. I got the 7th ending. The french accent speaking english is cringe, I just keep face palming like in english class at school. XD


And now I got the1st and 2nd end. The 1st one is easy to get. But I'm more curious if he's gonna kill us or if we can kill him. owo

Oof. The 5th ending.

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Got ending 9 & 8

Just need 3 6


Wow, I like the 3rd ending. That's more interesting. But words like that it's kind of annoying, though. X'D

I'm immaturely childish, okay! XD

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I forgot 4, oh god. What have I done? XD

Why run away? At least keep it! XD

Is it weird that I'm trying to get myself killed? X'D

I mean in the game.

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This game was amazing. You did an amazing job on this. As someone who struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, this game depicted depression on a very realistic level, which in most cases, is not easy to pull off. Now, this game is most certainly not what I would call 'fun' , but it was an experience. You must have put a lot of time and work into this, and I applaud you for doing so.

I'm in luv lol. I played about a year ago and now this game inspired me agan. thank you for creating it!
(it's a pity that I hadn't found much unformation about Daniel(alluring voice). i would like to contact him and tell him that he is amazing and i'm absolutely in love with his voice&acting)
(srry if i have any mistakes, i don't know english very well)

it's all good. most of the time even if you do know english then we still aren't very good at typing correctly


I found this game good too!

Got pulled in right away :D

I hope to see more!


This game was amazing, it left me wanting for more. The fact that the character has no name and you cant see his face somehow fit the concept perfectly. The voicing was also very good but sometimes the french pronunciation sounded a bit off. All in all its pretty addictive and I love it.

i really like it especially the guy but i was wondering...could you make the guy a name?

Wow.....I have never played a game this realistic.....😅..It almost felt like I was really there....Even my heart was beating faster..😅...Wow......I really wish you can continue this game further, I would really appreciate that..😄 

I felt bad for quitting this game because of what it said lmao


I.. i dont even know where to begin. This game left me speechless.  Me being a girl who suffers from depression, felt this games emotions on a personal level. Actually on the cannot breath part, during the phone call i started to cry. It hit me so deep.

how do you download it? it wont let me install it.

same though 

it touches on depression on a realistic level. 




It wont let me install it, it always goes on this thing named WinRar and then after that I try everything but wont open up the game

When you hit download instead of clicking open with WinRar hit save file. When the file is done downloading, in Firefox its on the top right of the browser, in Chrome its bottom left. Right click the file and hit "Open in folder" It will then open the folder the file is contained in and then you will see it as a zip file, right click it and hit "Extract files..." or "Extract here" If you want the game to be in the downloads folder hit "Extract here" If you want to save it in a certain folder hit "Extract files..." after its done extracting, go to the folder you saved it in and then look for the games folder or game application. That should run the game. If that fails try getting the App for on this website and download that then search for the game and hit install and then when that is done and you can access the app, just search for the game and hit install and it will do everything for you.


it wont let me

I love how this game turned out to be something totally different than I thought at the beggining. It wasn't only about helping suicidal person but about trusting someone who is stranger to you. Decisions were so hard to make cuz what was good for him wasn't always good for you. It's so scary to think that this kind of scenarios aren't only a fiction.

Damn, the game is so hard when you see how true this is..


This doesn't even work, please contact me, getting really frustrated.

This game is really well done. Props to all who worked on it

Very nicely done, a range of different emotions in a relatively short playtime. Great use of the NIN song too, ha. 

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