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Read the Don't Take This Risk webtoon here!

Expect to find out the main character's real name, face, and past in the upcoming Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces)...


"Hello? This is...this is the suicide hotline, yes?"

Oops, wrong number. But you may not want to tell that to the man on the other side of the phone. How will you, a young woman, defuse this suicidal crisis? Oh, and better be careful not to tell him you love him.

As a horror game for the 2016 Asylum Jam, you can expect things to turn out twisted more often than not...

It's best not to take that risk.


  • 9 Endings
  • 2 Voice Options
  • Timed Choices


  • Alex Blackwell (Fun & Charming)
  • Daniel "Lucidity" Peet (Cool & Alluring)


Install instructions

1) Click on the download button.

2) Click on the downloaded file. (You may need to double-click it.)

3) Extract the files. (You will need a zip extractor such as WinZip or 7-zip.)

4) Click on the extracted folder. It should be called something like "Don't_Take_This_Risk-1.0-all."

5) Click on "Don't_Take_This_Risk.exe."

6) When the game opens up, click to continue.

7) Click on "Pick Up."

In general, you click to make choices and continue the dialogue. You can also hold the 'ctrl' key to skip dialogue you have already seen.

If you have a Mac, you may need to do the following:

1) Right click on the game itself and click "Show Contents."

2) From there, go to the OS Sierra folder and click on the exec file of the game.

3) You may have to go to Security in the System Preferences to be able to open it. The Exec file will go through the Terminal process. It will take some time before the game officially opens.

(A big thank you to yawarahayashi for the Mac tip!)

If the exe. file is disappearing or the game just isn't running, your antivirus software may be trying to delete the game. If so, you can

A) Add it to your antivirus software's list of exclusions


B) Disable it while extracting the .zip file and then run the exe.

If you run into any other trouble, please leave a comment or e-mail:


Thank you for downloading and please enjoy!


Don't_Take_This_Risk-1.0-all.zip 72 MB


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Because of what they said, now I'm thinking for myself. ._.

Everything happened so quickly, I don't know how to react. I got the 7th ending. The french accent speaking english is cringe, I just keep face palming like in english class at school. XD

And now I got the1st and 2nd end. The 1st one is easy to get. But I'm more curious if he's gonna kill us or if we can kill him. owo

Oof. The 5th ending.

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Got ending 9 & 8

Just need 3 6

Wow, I like the 3rd ending. That's more interesting. But words like that it's kind of annoying, though. X'D

I'm immaturely childish, okay! XD

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I forgot 4, oh god. What have I done? XD

Why run away? At least keep it! XD

Is it weird that I'm trying to get myself killed? X'D

I mean in the game.

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This game was amazing. You did an amazing job on this. As someone who struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, this game depicted depression on a very realistic level, which in most cases, is not easy to pull off. Now, this game is most certainly not what I would call 'fun' , but it was an experience. You must have put a lot of time and work into this, and I applaud you for doing so.

I'm in luv lol. I played about a year ago and now this game inspired me agan. thank you for creating it!
(it's a pity that I hadn't found much unformation about Daniel(alluring voice). i would like to contact him and tell him that he is amazing and i'm absolutely in love with his voice&acting)
(srry if i have any mistakes, i don't know english very well)

it's all good. most of the time even if you do know english then we still aren't very good at typing correctly


I found this game good too!

Got pulled in right away :D

I hope to see more!


This game was amazing, it left me wanting for more. The fact that the character has no name and you cant see his face somehow fit the concept perfectly. The voicing was also very good but sometimes the french pronunciation sounded a bit off. All in all its pretty addictive and I love it.

i really like it especially the guy but i was wondering...could you make the guy a name?

Wow.....I have never played a game this realistic.....😅..It almost felt like I was really there....Even my heart was beating faster..😅...Wow......I really wish you can continue this game further, I would really appreciate that..😄 

I felt bad for quitting this game because of what it said lmao


I.. i dont even know where to begin. This game left me speechless.  Me being a girl who suffers from depression, felt this games emotions on a personal level. Actually on the cannot breath part, during the phone call i started to cry. It hit me so deep.

how do you download it? it wont let me install it.

same though 

it touches on depression on a realistic level. 



It wont let me install it, it always goes on this thing named WinRar and then after that I try everything but wont open up the game

When you hit download instead of clicking open with WinRar hit save file. When the file is done downloading, in Firefox its on the top right of the browser, in Chrome its bottom left. Right click the file and hit "Open in folder" It will then open the folder the file is contained in and then you will see it as a zip file, right click it and hit "Extract files..." or "Extract here" If you want the game to be in the downloads folder hit "Extract here" If you want to save it in a certain folder hit "Extract files..." after its done extracting, go to the folder you saved it in and then look for the games folder or game application. That should run the game. If that fails try getting the App for Itch.io on this website and download that then search for the game and hit install and then when that is done and you can access the app, just search for the game and hit install and it will do everything for you.

it wont let me

I love how this game turned out to be something totally different than I thought at the beggining. It wasn't only about helping suicidal person but about trusting someone who is stranger to you. Decisions were so hard to make cuz what was good for him wasn't always good for you. It's so scary to think that this kind of scenarios aren't only a fiction.

Damn, the game is so hard when you see how true this is..


This doesn't even work, please contact me, getting really frustrated.

This game is really well done. Props to all who worked on it

Very nicely done, a range of different emotions in a relatively short playtime. Great use of the NIN song too, ha. 

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The conversation and his depression (or deception?) feels so real with proper show of story's scenes. Half of the endings gives me nightmare, while half of the others emerges sound fetish that had been sleeping in myself..... JUST HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ME??? :'D

And bless you for those extra voice note at ending 2, 3, and 7 with the gorgeous dubbing (>w<)/

i feel u bro for so many moments i felt i maybe low key have obsessive love disorder or lowkey stockholm syndrome like wthhhhhhhhhhhhhh like i couldn't stawp my weird mind it became more perverted after playing this i t ;-;

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because you didn't finish the lyrics : I WANNA F*CK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL :P hehe omg i wish this game was longer its so good and the voice actor for cool and alluring aaaahhhh  I got ending 3 and 7 everytime pleeeeeeease make another like this but longer? :D Because this soooo needs a makeout scene or a shot of them snuggling(no pun intended) or a sexy time scene gaaahhhh or atleast a convo from his inner thoughs about their sexy time xD that voice i can't

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Hi! I really really really LOVE your game, "Don't Take This Risk", so very very very much!!! It's really so very greatly done!!! Love the voice actors, especially Daniel; he's so my cup of tea!!! o(*////▽////*)q  How I wish this game could be longer!!! (¯﹃¯)  I'm more than willing to let him has his way with me; I was hesitant at first (starting too fast, > <), but I'm ready now... (*/ω╲*)  Really thank you so very much for making and sharing this game; glad to come across and played it!!! ^ v ^

Btw, wonder if I'm the only one that feels the description of the scenes disappear too fast? I feel hard to concentrate on it when he's speaking, so not able to finish reading them at first; some really disappear too fast that I had to screenshot to read them completely - bug? Also, the voice volume of Daniel is a bit not perfect: starting is loud enough, but in the later parts, it's very low that I had to increase my speaker's volume to hear perfectly.

Lastly, the blinking of the screen (heroine eyes' blinking effect) makes my eyes a bit uncomfortable... It gives the atmosphere though, so maybe I'm just not used to the effects, haha.  Btw, kindly advise where I could find the animation that you said you would be making please!!! (☆▽☆)


excuse me *walks out from behind one of the tabs* hi. While I really do love this game, I was wondering if you could possibly *shrugs* I don't know... make it for mobile devices? I am not able to download it on my computers (yes I do have the right type), and it would just seem kinda fitting to also be a mobile game. 


The game completely showed the effects or what really happens in a time like that. The acting was well executed. The choices were a little bit confusing as to what you choose, but gives you a profound and complete ending to the chosen options.

I only got 2 endings as to make a YouTube video as short as it can be, but it is quite emotional and hard to deal with when it happens in reality.

As a person who puts his shoes onto every game whenever there is a choice, I would answer in a way that I would really say because being genuine to whatever you do is more important than faking anything from reality and this persona on YouTube.

If you enjoyed and want to see more indie games, horror, etc, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I am a small YouTuber who enjoys playing indie games, especially games with deep connection with the players themselves.

Check me out on YouTube! http://bit.ly/Rycopene or search Rycopene, theratedrpg, voxpod

*This is being commented on both itch.io and Gamejolt

Pretty emotional game but i enjoyed it quite a bit!

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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I have to admit this was the most difficult game i've ever played. even tho i didn't achiveve all the endings 1 of 9 was enough ...

This game should be for smart phones, I would really love to play this game ;3

Hello. I managed to play the game after doing what you instructed me to do, and thank you. I have really enjoyed this game. I have played it several times now. I like the premise, the visuals are good, and the voice acting is wonderful. Send both Alex Blackwell and Daniel "Lucidity" Peet my love for me, will you? Daniel Peet is also a great singer! I have played ending 2 with the cool and alluring voice, just to hear him sing "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.

The character himself is a pretty shady guy, although I know he does have issues. He is also very suave and handsome. I think I might have a crush on him, although I do know this is a situation (the situation that involves going over to his house) that neither I nor anyone else should partake in.

I know that you have received requests of expanding the game. If you were to do so, how would you go about it? Would there be more endings, or at least differences in the existing ones? Also, has the full version of Beauty and the War been uploaded yet? I know the demo has, and I have played that before. I enjoyed that game, too.

I can't wait to see a more detailed version of the protagonist in BATW. I just hope he won't be too unlikable of a character in that game. Anyway, thank you, and take care!

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Definitely be coming back to this one for the different endings!!


loved it! haha ive had a weird ending..

here's one of the endings that i played

I love this game! I got all 9 endings and some bonus ones. I used a walkthrough by the way. Although, I scold myself for liking a guy who clearly needs help and yet here I am, spoiling him with my 'I love you's' xD

I, for some reason, am immediately attracted to him. However, in reality, I probably wouldn't have even called him back.

That was...interesting. My only problem is that I wished it was longer.

10/10 best game~!

I kept getting the risky love ending, my heart is just too big XD

10/10 best game~!

I kept getting the risky love ending, my heart is just too big XD


10/10 best game~!

I kept getting the risky love ending, my heart is just too big XD

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