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Wind was so infuriating, but that made him my favorite with his biting remarks and hotblooded passion. Tho Night's dangerous whirlwind romance came in very close second ^_^ Can't wait to check out the rest of your games; the world-building seems really fascinating!

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Hi! I played this and I must say I found it funny and intriguing... I'll probably check out Beauty and the War. But I'm a bit curious about something Onix says in his "Valentine path"... he says that Arsenik will come pick you up... but in a "map" of clan relationships it seems that the Hudler Clan is enemy with the Vi, so... how come Onix is asking for Arsenik help? =S

Anyway, nice "side story"... keep up the good work!

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😊This Game is the Best! I Really Liked Wind!!!!  He's such a Cutepie! I wish I can Kidnap him from your game!😆😆😆 And of course  Night was also very  Smashingly Likeable!! *Wink*😉

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Arsenik looks like he's from Howl's Moving Castle, is Howl an inspiration for Arsenik's character?

This game was so cute! Though, to be perfectly honest, I just keep going with Arsenik! I can't wait to see what you guys come out with next! :)

Loved the game but the color of this page is killing my eyes so I should probably go now (x

OMG the best game ever I LOVE it!!!!

Aww, thanks, sasha_6ers! Hope you look forward to meeting the boys again in Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces).

The agony, I want to get all the endings so badly but I can't stand being mean to Arsenik ;~; The guy is too sweet, please tell me there isn't any ending for being a jerk?? I can only sorta of be rude to Barium but only because the dudes got a harem and expects me to take him seriously >:\

Hi, Artemis_Ameretsu! There's actually no particular ending from being a jerk, so you can rest easy and continue treating him nicely. Being mean mostly just affects your interaction with him. As a Valentine special, this game really only has happy endings. Though, someone once mentioned that they wished there was an option to reject the guys, so when I get around to remaking it (likely after I finish Beauty and the War), I'll likely include that choice, as well as an appropriate ending to go with it.

Aw! I just got through playing the Chase date scenario! It was hilariously crazy, but had such a sweet end. ~ I really liked the scenery and the variety of options too. I don't want to spoil too much but the stories are pretty well worth playing and I recommend checking them out. ~<3 to anyone taking a look.

Thanks, honeydragon! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game. I also hope you look forward to getting to know them in their original homeworld of Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces).

I love this game the most out of all yours. And I play it a lot too. I do think it is interesting about which paths lead you where and the second romanceable secret character I cannot find, or how I even got the first. Still great.

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Really appreciate the kind words, dslerner! Oh, and if you're wondering how to unlock the secret character route...simply play through all the dates and then choose to end the date. But the catch is, you have to go through all the dates in a single playthrough. If you quit the game mid-way, it won't count and you'll have to do them again.

Hope that helps! Thanks for playing my games and taking the time to comment.

I LOVE WINDS ROUTE TOO he's like the guy who is akward but sexy Squeeee

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Hello, fantasygg! Glad to see he's won you over. It should be no surprise that Wind won the character poll. Since he placed first, I really should get around to drawing some sort of congratulatory Wind pic...

Anywhoo, I appreciate you takin' the time to stop by and leave a comment. :)

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throughout the entirety of Wind's route I found myself facepalming and giggling to myself, then whispering, "what the fuck man???" then giggling again.

he's so sweet- his own way, I suppose. XD

{EDIT: played Night's route second} WTF?!?!?! OH MY GOD.. this is weirder than Yo-Jin-Bo!!! oh my god....*facepalm*

Hello, ocupers! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game. ;) Feel free to let me know what you think of the other routes, too.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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my only qualm with this game is there is no way to rewind the text without loading a previous save. but even that is quite a minor problem

(please note that I am writing this AS I play the game, which is why it's so long and rambly)

i don't know why, but when I got the option to smack Arsenik with the roses, I lost my shit and broke down into giggles. but I couldn't find it in myself to get past getting into the car. and had to choose a different route, I honestly don't know why Arsenik bothered me so much, he's...rather attractive but-...I guess it's cause he's....TOO nice. like...I starting to think he has no back-bone so to speak.

after starting barium's route, and being greeted by NOT barium but... (I think he's called onyx) the guy that looks like he has a motorcycle helmet for a FACE.. then to the scene right after, I found myself dropping my head against my computer (thank goodness the built-in mouse pad doesn't work, or who knows what I could have clicked (I have a wireless mouse that I use))
and thinking, "oh my god....what....the actual fuck have I clicked on? AND WHY'S THE MUSIC SOUND LIKE DISCO MEETS PORNO?! WTF?! XD" (option of telling him I didn't know he had a horse) now just wait a goddamn second here!! where is this horse talk coming from?! (loaded the scene from being greeted by onyx) oh, ok, GLIMMERING stallion. *computer head-desk* who takes a HORSE to a woman's house in this day and age...?? OH YES! YES PLEASE DRESS LIKE A UNICORN! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT! XD XD (no, seriously...that would be awesome, XD) .....OH! dress the horse like a unicorn, oh...that's-...XD XD XD XD

OK! moving on with the date with Barium

missreading things and having to load a previous save so many times, auurgh....
(he asks how my morning was) I be sassy, and a titch salty, or...nice? hmm? XD I'll be salty cause of why not?

OH MY GOD! he's so full of himself! oh god... I found another Eisuke Ichinomiya... for fucks sake.....*facepalm* XD
(at this point I'm completely flabergasted, and spend the next five minutes staring at my screen with an expression that shows that feeling perfectly) ....I...guess the TOYS!!! *confused Markiplier noise* IDUNNO!

"TOYS, TOYS, TOYS!" again, I don't know why but I lost my shit again for a few minutes eh why not? have fun with them?! I don't even get to know what the toys LOOK like, or ANYTHING about them besides BEING TOYS?! ok? ..there's more I can "buy" ? ...ooookay? alright. (I essentially cleared the toys and decorations department.) am... I just going to buy EVERYTHING that I have the option of doing so? XD
...yup. everything that I had the option of. XD wtf? ok, nope no drinking. hmmmm, uh, I think I like chinese cause I LOVE black pepper chicken from this chinese buffet place X3. more food? ok. ...italian, I like pizza. (my brain screamed, "ITALIANANANO" for fuck knows why XD) (at this point I simply clicked everything from top to bottom and just skipped) SERIOUSLY MAN, WHO CAN EAT THIS MUCH FOOD?! oookay, NOW we're at the faire/carnival thing. (again I click through everything, but I just go through fast waiting for something to go horribly wrong, XD)
(to the concert) get pumped and dance! fuck yes! OOMPA-LOOMPA-DOOPITY-DO! XD I think my brain has melted from the absurdity of this game XD. oh, it was unbelievable, alright.... XD MORE FOOD! what, are you fricken Matthias now with all this food?!

"yeah, but I don't keep a harem of them" again, once again I lost my shit. XD XD XD

"dinner comes to an end" OH REALLY?! do you even NEED dinner with how much you ate at LUNCH?! XD wtf??

(at this point my attention span dies and I just click through waiting for it to end.)

[EDIT:(after telling onyx about the story of the beauty and the beast) ok...I have to admit, this route is pretty damn adorable]

after taking onyx's helmet off I see a SQUIRREL in the background of the CG. wtf? are you telling me, he's....a SQUIRREL?! XD XD XD

but wind and night are my favorites X3

(also, why choose names like Arsenik and barium? they're elements in the periodic table! just really curious is all.)

Ahaha, I loved reading that post!

As for their names…well, where they come from, these warrior men weren't born with their names. They earned them. Arsenik is pretty much a fancier way of writing "arsenic," the poison. Barium is named after metal because his clan likes to name their men after jewels and stones and whatnot.

You can actually learn more about 'em in this brand spanking new demo here. While it isn't a full-blown rom-com like this one is (which means as long as you laughed, I'll consider that a great success!), it's still heavy on the romance. Plus, it has a ton of animation.

If you decide to check it out, feel free to live comment like you did here! You can make it as long and rambly as you like. :) It's super fun to read and definitely helpful for me as a game developer.

sweet, I was kinda worried that it'd be annoying. I also found...night? (the guy with the visor-face) to be adorable.

I'll do a live commentary of the over demo too! (can't wait to see what other stuff Wind has waiting for me X3)

hey, what happened to beauty and the war?

Hi, ocupers! Ooh, I'm glad you asked. The demo for Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces) has received a brand, spanking new update right here.  Demo version 2 is more polished and even more animated than the last one. If you care to check it out, feel free to let me know what you think! And if you have any other questions, just ask.

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Hey, I absolutley adored this game! Satisfied all of my needs and I very much enjoyed all the characters.

I must ask, what is the Music box songs name in Winds story?

Hello, Purplepot! Pardon the delay. I was all swept up in getting my demo out. (By this way, this is still Dreamgazer - I just changed my username recently.)

To answer your question, the name of the music box's song is Green Sleeves. I'm so glad you enjoyed the game and all its characters. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

just started playing this... it's so funny :) I started with Wind and he's hilarious :D thank you for sharing this game with us...

Hi, Greene! Glad to hear you're enjoying Wind's date. Really appreciate you taking the time to comment with your thoughts! Feel free to let me know what you think of the other dates, too. ;)

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I adored this game! had me giggling and blushing at the same time hahah


Hi, missymoo! Aww, you're very welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Please do look forward to the remake. :)

I loved this game! It was so romantic haha Good job!

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Thanks, bbagsies! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hahahaha I love this game! Also I must know where I can download the sound track??? :D

Hello, spindleblood! I can't believe I missed replying to this for so long. My bad! Anyway, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. ;) Hmm...I don't really have the full soundtrack available for download anywhere, but tell you what. When I remake the game, I'll put in a Music Room, so you can listen to the music whenever you like. Would that work for you?

It won't download on my computer... Please help!

Hello, Babygirl18pinkpearl!

All right, try downloading the game here. Let me know if it works for you!

It works. Thank you.

awesome game